• ICS Airsoft Gun CXP 08 EBB ( ICS-324 )

ICS-324 CXP-08 EBB

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ICS Airsoft Gun CXP 08 ( IPT-160-1 )
IPT-160-1 CXP-08 TAN
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ICS Airsoft Gun CXP 08 ( ICS-144 )
ICS-144 CXP-08
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The ICS CXP series inherits the excellent design characteristics of the ICS CS4A1, utilizing the ICS exclusive split gearbox system. The metal version is built of a die-cast construction, emphasizing structural integrity whilst also retaining convenience of maintenance. The sportline version is made of a high strength polymer, making for a lighter weapon, a big advantage during intensive combat situations.

Additional Information

Gun Length 695/595mm
Barrel Length 200mm
Weight 2900g
Muzzle Velocity 120 m/s (395fps)  ★
Battery Type 9.6V Ni-Mh or 11.1V Li-Po
Connector size Small connector
Mag. Capacity 300
Spring M120
Motor Axle Long
Material Full Metal

1. The product specification is for reference only and may be subject to change.
2. Battery type is recommended, not included.
3. For AEG with M100 spring, it is recommended to use voltage 7.4V Li-Po or 9.6V Ni-Mh batteries.
4. Muzzle velocity is measured with 0.20g BB’s, and is adjusted to comply with market regulation/requirements for specific countries as shown below:
    Below 106 m/s (350 FPS): Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK
    Below 100 m/s (328 FPS): Italy
    Below 95 m/s (312 FPS): Japan
    Below 45 m/s (148 FPS): Korea


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