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09February 2021

2020 2nd Peace Combat Event

This is the second event in 2020 held by Peace Combat, attracting many players to join in and enjoyed the game in the field. ICS provided few airsoft gun models for airsoft players to try out. The classic MP5 CES-P series, the lightweight series Lightway-Peleador 2.0, the popular PDW style CXP-MARS PDW9, the modern AK CXP-ARK and the new released Sarsilmaz licensed pistol SAR 9.

While we were hanging out with the players, we also have some giveaways and a sponsored rifle Lightway-Peleador 2.0 for the lucky draw. We’re glad to enjoy the time with these shooters at the end of 2020, look forward to meet them again very soon!

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