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25November 2020

2021 ICS Captain Program Application is Now Open

Airsoft is a giant global family full of enthusiastic and creative people. We’re here to present a new opportunity for players, who are a seasoned ICS user, who have had good experiences with our products, would love to spread the value of our brand, and are willing to create a more solid relationship with ICS in the future!




✔Direct contacts, facilitating access to ICS products, accessories, and goodies

✔Exclusive ICS Captain’s identity clothing/patch

✔Product prototype testing opportunities

✔Join milsim events on behalf of ICS



✔Proud and experienced owner of ICS products

✔Good English, with excellent communication and networking skills

✔Able to promote/help ICS local resellers



Now it’s your opportunity to join our team. Spots are very limited.

Apply Now│

Deadline│Monday, December 7, 2020, at 9 a.m. (UTC+8)


Please note:

This year, you can submit a video link in the application to introduce yourself.

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