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18November 2019

Upcoming SAR 9, Sarsilmaz licensed handgun


The anticipating SAR 9 is a Sarsilmaz licensed handgun and its design was based on all the successful handgun features & handgun ergonomics, featuring a stylish matt black frame, 22 rounds capacity magazine and ICS inventive REVO Valve System. The remarkable innovations of this model must goes to its fixed barrel design and straight pull H-UP system, performing stable trajectory and shooting accuracy. Also, the creative modular fire control system presents the advantages of easy to assembly and maintenance.


Sarsilmaz SAR 9 is available with matt black, along with interchangeable backstraps for personalized fit. Worldwide distribution will be available in early 2020. Please contact authorized ICS distributor for more information.


Please contact authorized ICS distributor for more information

→Worldwide Distributor



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