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19June 2019

CXP-MARS KOMODO SSS Limited Edition Have Already Begun for Delivery


ICS is pleased to announce our “CXP-MARS KOMODO SSS Limited Edition” have started to be shipped to authorized distributors worldwide. Only 1000 units will be available.


This limited edition is an extension of ICS CXP line, which features M-LOK modular handguard, ICS new developed SSS II E-Trigger System and the short stroke trigger. The pre-cocking function from SSS II E-Trigger System and the shortened travel trigger can make your trigger much more responsive, improving both shooting accuracy and trigger responding time.


Another addition to this limited model is the color titanium grey, this color plus the exclusive serial number make this electric gun especially unique. And lastly, every single “CXP-MARS KOMODO SSS Limited Edition” comes with a MARS Limited Edition Work Mat! For those who are interested, please find authorized ICS distributors for more information.


To see benefits of SSS II E-Trigger System from below video



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