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03April 2019

The Revolutionary Innovation - ICS REVO Series Valve

With most people are still using the traditional valves, ICS are already looking beyond the new innovation. ICS REVO Series Valve designed by expert which presented at IWA show this year and wow the audiences.

The major benefits of ICS REVO’s design are twofold. One, it increases the magazine gas injection capacity up to 30% with REVO Gas Injection Valve, releasing all the unneeded air pressure inside the magazine and inform users when the gas is fully charged. Two, the REVO Gas Releasing Valve has become more flexible by its adjustable length feature, players can customize proper valve length according to various environments and battle fields.


The performance upgrade is a game changer in future airsoft trend, and ICS REVO Series Valve is a step in that direction. These special features combine to make ICS REVO Series Valve with the potential to amazingly upgrade your pistol’s performance.



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