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ICS EXCLUSIVE REALISTIC DESIGN                                                                                                                                          ICS EXCLUSIVE REALISTIC DESIGN

             Split Gearbox & QD Spring & Spring Release                                                                                                                              Low Resistances Switch Assembly & Mini Fuse & Mosfet

            The QD Receivers, Split Gearbox and QD spring designs of ICS are designed to simulate disassembly of real firearms. This design makes                                    ELECTRIC POWER is the power source of the AEGs. Constructing a low power impedance working environment is also an important issue.
            upgrading, maintenance, and troubleshooting more easily, moreover, the spring release function could extend the service life of the spring                               Therefore, ICS adopts a new conductive material and is widely used in electric switch blades and electric brake wire sets to provide a perfect low power impedance output
                                                                                                                                                                                     environment. moreover, we also adopted a new type of electric brake wire set that featured with the latest wire with diameter of 16AWG, and full-silver-plated metal contacts,
            to avoid elastic fatigue and decrease of muzzle velocity.                                                                                                                upgrade all fuse box to micro fuse box, which has lower power impedance, much more stable power system, generates less heat while operating, and a MOSFET is installed
                                                                                                                                                                                     to eliminate the heat and power loss caused by the impedance, to maximize the power output to its best performance.

             EBB System & Battery Stock Tube & Float H-UP                                                                                                                            Advanced Upgrade Parts

            We want to make perfect improvement to the EBB system.                                                                                                                   The stock components for the ICS EBB models have been upgraded. which includes MIM processed Torque Gear, FRP Piston,  8 Holes Ventilation Piston Head, Full Capacity Oversized
            Therefore, we detected and analyzed the cons of the traditional EBB system, thought outside of the box, and overturned the traditional design specifications. After two years of continuous   cylinder, and Metal H-UP Set, which not only improves product service life, but also provides players a high-performance out of the box products, and the specs of the components are 100%
            research and testing, by using the simplest structural design to dispersed the impact that will cause damage to the structure, and after 100,000 tests, we finally achieved the perfect evolution   fit the general specifications of current market.
            that we expected.
            ICS is committed to add the concept of ergonomics into the product. The design concept of the Ambidextrous fire selectors, charging handles, and magazine release button and even the
            design of the tactical grip and stock, is to make the products more comfortable for the players. The design of the battery stock tube can allow the battery wires to be hided in the tube, which
            not only can extend the battery capacity, but also the battery life.

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