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Please refer to the video to install Diode in ICS Motor.
It is effective in inhibiting electric switch sparks to extend the electric switch life.
*We recommend the use of SB160 Diode.

It is currently 9″ handguard for CXP-UK1 and 12.5″ handguard for CXP-UK1R. There will be 15″ handguard of sniper version launched in the future.

Both ICS-260/261 have metal upper/lower receivers so they are equipped with M120 spring.

There are one 300 rounds high capacity magazine is provided in CXP-UK1.

Positions of the piston and gear after GEAR BOX operation

Semi-auto mode:
The electric current break timing is similiar when it is semi-auto. Because of inertia and the spring rebound, the piston usually stops at these two positions after shooting. Please refer to the photos below. (The different strength, length of spring and the power of battery also result in differnt piston positions.)


Full automatic:
When shooting automatically, the time gap between each triggering is different and the electric current break timing is different too. Besides, inertia and the rebound of sprng result in four possible stop positions of the piston and gear (The different strength, length of spring, and the power of battery also result in different piston positions.)


The timing of using forward assist:

1.Although AEGs is a toy gun, we still apply the norm of real gun. We have to unload airsoft gun first after shooting or combat.

2.When we don’t use the airsoft gun, we have to release the magazine and select semi-auto. Point the gun toward safety area and clean the pellets remaining in barrel by shooting two ~ three times. Then push the forward assist knob to release piston and spring.

3.Pushing the forward assist knob when the fire mode is still in auto may cause the broken piston. As it mention above that there are four possible stop points of the piston after automatic shooting. If the piston happens to be at the forth position and players push the forward assist knob, No.3 gear will reverse too fast because of the inertia and rebound which result from spring tension. The reversing No.3 gear will hit the last teeth of piston and may break it. This situation gets worse with more powerful spring setting.

4.The proper way to use forward assist are first, release the magazine, Second, Point the gun toward nobody and clean the pellets remaining in barrel by shooting two ~ three times. Finally push the forward assist knob to release piston and disassembly battery plug. Then store your airsoft gun into carrying bag. Forward assist knob is not for using at any moment. The proper timing of using forward assist knob is after shooting or combat and all the unloaded processes are done.


Most people who have never played airsoft before ask us “Is an airsoft gun a real firearm?” or “Can an airsoft gun hurt people?” The answer to both questions is “no”.

AEG’s – Automatic Electric Guns – are designed to look like real firearms, but they operate differently, and safely. AEG’s use battery power to propel a small, 6mm plastic BB. Airsoft players use AEG’s in simulated battles and games as a recreational sport. Eyewear is normally required, but no other protection is needed. Here’s how an AEG gun actually works.


Outter and inner barrel of AEG


AEG operates by a battery and provides electrical power to the motor to drive the gear set.

The battery powers a small electrical motor which is designed to drive a set of gears. The gears pull a piston backwards against a spring. The gear releases the piston and the spring propels the piston forward, creating air pressure. The air pressure is used to propel the BB through the barrel at a rate of anywhere between 250 feet per second to over 400 feet per second.


Gear boxes usually contain a miter gear, a reduction gear, and a half-toothed gear. Each gear is sequentially rotated by the motor in order to drive the piston. The half-toothed gear has what is called a “periphery”, multiple teeth partially formed on the periphery, and an idle area formed on the remainder of the periphery. This provides an optimal means for pulling the piston into a compressed position when needed, while releasing the piston to create the necessary air pressure. A switch, comprising a movable and a stationary block, is placed inside the gear box at the front end. When the trigger gets pulled, it pushes against the switch, the movable block is moved toward the stationary block. When the blocks touch, an electrical connection is made, which causes the electrical motor to rotate and drive the firing process.

These gears, pistons, and springs are among the most important parts of an AEG. As a quality-oriented AEG manufacturer, ICS uses only the best, most durable parts when manufacturing the internals (and externals) of our AEG’s. We’ve also innovated new gear boxes which make gun customizations and upgrades much easier to do.

ICS is dedicated to growing the AEG market by providing affordable, high quality guns, accessories, and parts.

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